About Us

About the Brand 

At Staple, we create classics, essentials, and purposeful pieces, that each has the ability to be repurposed, or in Staple’s parlance — be reinvented. With the world neck-deep in consumerism, we as a brand are trying to move towards a more sustainable future for fashion by revisiting and retelling the story of basics. At the core of what we do lies the belief that solid, structured staples hold the power to be styled as statements. We want to create garments that feel like skin but also nudge you to experiment, that are ever-evolving, much like you.

Inspiration to launch the brand: The Story of Staple 

Staple was born when we, two friends-turned-styling professionals realised that we’ve consciously and unconsciously, been harnessing the power of basics and decided to share our story with the world. If our experience in commercial and editorial projects has taught us one thing, it’s that a solid staple is a force to be reckoned with.  With there being a greater awareness of the world around us and the impact of ecological harmony, we intend to produce clothing that serves durably and fashionably. The very essence of basics is its ability to be restyled and its comforting presence in your wardrobe. As founders, we want to create silhouettes you keep turning to on days when you want to experiment and on days when you don’t. With Staple, we want people to experience who they are by wearing our garment in their own ways while feeling that it was always theirs, to begin with.

Brand Ideology: Think Basic

Brand Ideology: Think Basic

At Staple, we believe that a pragmatic way to move towards sustainability in fashion is through persistent and conscious reuse. The cornerstone for our brand is to create garments that have the innate ability to be restyled and are retainable, and our brand's design sensibilities has been calibrated to this end.  The idea is to offer customers an experience where they're able to team our staples, with existing pieces in their closets and create statements of their own, all this while feeling responsible about their fashion choices.