Your size matters!

Your size matters!

In the last two years of running our business, we’ve been floored by the kindness we’ve received from all of you. To the girl who told her we made her feel beautiful, to the boy who says he “lives in our clothes”, to the stylists who gave us a shot, and to the writers who believed in our voice. We thank you and hear you. Orders from Tripura to Ludhiana, taking your Staples to your outings, lunches, and business deals, we hope you have your small joy in wearing them. It is a joy to dress all of you, in all your glamour and beauty in the shapes and sizes that make you!

As college students at one point in time, we understand that buying a pair of pants would mean refitting the length, cutting it shorter, extending it, and making room for more extension.

We want to be able to make our brand approachable for our customers by minimizing the hassle of buying the perfect fit! One of our biggest ethos is to be inclusive in all possible means, including customizing clothes that they are most comfortable with. Is the size we sent one size too large or small? No problem, we shall be more than happy to remake them. Do the clothes make you irritable? We shall call back the entire set gladly. This is the kind of commitment we make to ourselves, to make clothes that serve as the choicest weapon on a good day, on a bad day, and when one finds no inspiration! Which is why we do and never will charge extra bucks for making sizes bigger or smaller!

Shop Staple is for all genders and sizes, bigger or smaller cut in your shape and form in the perfect length, in the armhole space, and in the extra fabrics to make you feel extra special about yourself!

In a world, we point fingers at each other to be this or that, we say to be you! We shall be more than happy to dress you and celebrate you in your truest form.

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