If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it!

If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it!

Do you know what’s hot?

Spending your money where your mouth is. We've always been crusading for conspicuous consumption and we'd be lying if our business practices don't match. 

Gone are the days when we hoard to fill our big wardrobes. We're counting key pieces only. Many times when one buys from big conglomerates, one ends up not fitting them, altering them, or not wearing them all. Why? Because there's no emotional investment in it. 

It's time to put value in our clothes. Our interest since our inception is to give you that key trouser, that perfect shirt made to your size to meet your body and form! 

We would encourage anyone who is reading to do the same. Invest in key pieces and buy smartly!

We're elated to hear from our customers how they have been wearing their fits to different occasions time and time again- to lunches, to travel, to date nights, and more. Our interest was and will always be to give you good staples, at affordable price points using the best materials. In our pursuit of the best material and fabric, there were times when we had to call back an entire fabric because it was not up to the mark.

Practically is the hallmark of what we wanted to offer- from our wash care to our size chart, our offerings will always be one that puts a good product first above all else! 

Summer is here anytime, and though our summer bodies may be pending, we can definitely usher in smart consumption from now on!

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