You have to know about Samarth!

You have to know about Samarth!

Samarth is a self-help group founded by the local women's community four years ago. Located at Sec 15 in Rohini these women have regular meetups at their office, but their impact and work go beyond that!

Our association with these ladies has helped us to craft the care packages that come when you purchase from us. A tote bag, a self-care pouch, a potli bag.

Kusumji who heads this program is more than happy to iterate their story! That time during Corona when they were distributing masks to the community, their regular skill training of women in the community in sewing and mehendi art, or the order that they get to make bags for local weddings, she's more than happy to tell the Samarth story. The name "Samarth" translates as "Capable" and the spirit of the women reflects that!

These women teach other women in the community to be self-reliant by imparting their relevant skills and giving them a platform to earn a living from these skill sets.

Snehaji runs a parlour and trains other women. Sahinaji has her own mehendi store and teaches girls how to do them, Manishaji has a convenience store where she stitches too. These women come together through Samarth where the work that they find from stitching, sewing, and making other crafts are reinvested to cater to and upskill other women who might be in need. The best thing about them is that they are constantly looking out for other women to train so that they can be self-reliant too!

Our association with Samarth is only possible because of the purchase you've made that in turn allows us to give these women a source of income to sustain and help further!

The Samarth story is a chain of reflexes, a story of sisterhood where opportunities are given and passed on to someone who might be in need!

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