Lessons from women we love

Lessons from women we love

The past week has been an enriching experience for us! Getting to be in the space of three incredible women we've been inspired by has got to be a highlight!

Chef Anukriti Anand, whose space we've had our endless coffee and conversations in our earliest days. Tattoo artist Shreya Josh whom we've obsessively stalked on Insta! Potter Anumita Jain, who is a sweetheart molding clay to life!

It is heartening to see women take up their own space, build a career from their passion and decide to be their best authentic selves.

"I take naps throughout the day to power me," Shreya tells us and it's so refreshing to see an artist being vulnerable and responding to what the body needs!

Anumita tells us she does "30 minutes of Yoga daily"..."I want to be here for the long haul"

Anukriti hardly has a day off, "I travel a lot. Traveling is the only time I get to rest" she tells us!

Women & time and career is such a debate question in the conversations of the day if a woman gets to have it all! Our answer is " A woman can definitely get all that she wants and more" - a doting mother, running a company, a sister, a barista, why not!

If there's anything we learned from the Women we've featured leading up to Women's Day, it's the call to respond to what you need! Take that break, get that nap, find time to travel, and hustle. We think to have it all is to do anything to your heart's content, set goals, pause if you need to, and reach out!

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