COVID was definitely a reset for us! Though the world as we know it fell apart, we knew change was coming on the horizon.
The first phase of the pandemic had us locked up at home, working frantically to keep our careers and health intact.

We had undoubtedly teased ourselves with the idea of coming up with our own clothing line but you never know.

Is the risk worth the effort?

How will people respond?

What will be the shift in consumption?

Do people still even hoard when the first thing we collectively have decided we all had too many clothes we don't need?

What do we want to make for the women we want to dress, what do they need?

One of the first things we were clear on was approaching dress-making in the most holistic way! Our clothes must have ample space and extra fabric for an extension to allow and accommodate changing body forms. Making clothes that can be as basic and timeless as a T-shirt that can be re-worn and restyled! Totes and pouches to make put our scrap materials to good use. Sustainable is too perfect and vague a word! It always comes with an asterisk*. We’ve decided that our whole approach to this is to make simple clothes, at reasonable prices that can be re-worn through seasons!

What is sustainable?

We knew the biggest brand out there vouching for the term falls short. Consciousness is the way to be!

We do not promise our clothes to come from fabrics that are hand sowed that might cost a fortune but good fabrics that give ample space to breathe, good basics that can be enjoyed every season.
We want to usher in the concept of sustainability in the most practical way. Fewer but more practical, basics but in the most classic cuts that will defy trends that come and go.

At Shop Staple, our interest is to give you everyday clothes that can be for work or play, is timeless, and will be practical for many years to come.

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