Shop Staple- The backstory!

Shop Staple- The backstory!

There is nothing like resorting to a basic black dress on a lazy day. And we mean that in the best possible way!

Both of us grew up together and know each other like the back of our hands, so we fairly know what it means to resort to our safety nets- each other. Sartorially we’re known to resort to a crisp white shirt that's been with us for years and on multiple lunch dates. I mean it’s so empowering to step out with clothes you already know you look good with and comfortable wearing. We have memories we would like to erase from our friendship timeline but who cares? We know way too much about each other to go separate ways, it's risky business!

To be fairly honest, starting Shop Staple was a leap of faith too. We heavily relied on our marketing know-how and our everyday experience as working professionals!

Somehow, being in the fashion business would signal that we're inundated with clothes that we couldn't possibly choose from but that's far from our experience. We figured the market had a gap in giving women basic wardrobe essentials that they can base their wardrobe on-Good, well-fitted trousers or a crisp white shirt that perfectly follows their form and shape! These corporate men in suits seem to cluster us in groups!

Pronto! That's when we jumped in! To celebrate the individual! To tend to women who might not fit in the sizes slotted by the big conglomerates, who do not need too many clothes but good ones to enjoy, and who might not afford that one good blazer that might burn a hole in their pockets.

So far our response has been overwhelming, getting to bump into people who wear our clothes every day is no joke! The inner girl in us is proud of the small wins we have achieved. We might never be able to change the world, but we hope our clothes make you feel good about yourself!

Our intention here to take it to this blog platform is to talk, perhaps in a longer format but certainly more intimate and personal and we would love to keep it this way!

Do come by for some light-hearted reads, some serious ones- women, labour, mensuration et al. We intend this place to be a safe space where the mind is allowed to roam and declutter, just like sitting in our favourite corner sipping a cuppa does to everyone!


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