Homegrown brands we LOVE!

Homegrown brands we LOVE!

Happy Thursday!

We wanted to share some of the other brands we absolutely love and whose value we share. These are the brand that strikes a chord with us in terms of their services, the ethos they stand for, and their excellence in their respective fields. We feel a sense of pride in seeing other businesses thriving while taking the conscious and ethical route in their business approach!

1. Darkins Chocolate:
One has to admire their intelligence in redefining how chocolates are made and how they can be re-interpreted. Who would have thought of a cherry and chilly chocolate that is gluten-free and 100% vegan? Their organic dark chocolates are loaded with organic compounds that are biologically active and function as anti-oxidants! https://www.instagram.com/darkinschocolate/

2. Akiiko India:
Akiiko is a lifestyle and gifting essentials brand inspired by Japanese aesthetic sensibilities. Perhaps it's the meticulous care they take in crafting their products, perhaps it's the thorough research, or perhaps it's fabric and feel. If anything is clear, we get that Akiiko nails its product through and through. Practical in its design while approaching its businesses consciously, Akiiko is all about re-useability, and practicality coupled with a good design sensibility! https://www.instagram.com/akiiko_india/

3. Paperdom:
We admire businesses that approach their work in a holistic way. Papedom is one such, made entirely from waste materials, these notebooks are individually handcrafted and can be recycled up to 8 times! Their offerings include dotted journals, sketchbooks, planners and trackers, and notebooks to give life to one's imagination! https://www.instagram.com/paperdom/

4. Monsoon + Chai:
Innovation is the key driver for Moonsoon + Chai. In order to reduce its carbon footprint, the brand maxes its candles from soy ensuring it's clean and natural! Soy is known to emit less soot and no toxin besides burning slower for longer! Their vast range of offerings includes Cinnamon + Orange, Lemongrass+Lavender, Eau de Chai, and many more! https://www.instagram.com/monsoonandchai/

5. Wheaty.in:
Fresh loaves of bread made from scratch, slowly fermented bread, and bakes made in small batches! Wheaty.in keeps service and quality much before quantity and speed and we applaud them for that! Each loaf of bread is chemical and yeast free, and their commitment to their work is reflected in the recognition they get among conscious consumers who swear by their bread! https://www.instagram.com/wheaty.in/

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